Saturday, May 15, 2021

Virtual Recital May 2021

Order of performers will be pulled out of a hat.

Your Secret Pal will be the performer after you.

Madisyn Lubitz 
     How Far I'll Go from Moana by Miranda, Foa'i, Mancina

Elle Hess
     Twinkle Variation 1, Right Hand

Aspen Hess
     Cuckoo, Right Hand

Willow Bay
     Beauty and the Beast by Menken & Ashman

Mila Gorzelany
     Minuet in G by Bach

Leo Gorzelany

Sahana Magesh
     Minuet in G Minor by Bach

Daniella Brasil
     Minuet in G by Bach

Ria Prashant
     All My Loving by Lennon & McCarthy

David Wendel
     New student bow

Vijaya Venkatesh
     Allegro by Suzuki

Vanita Venkatesh
     Teasing Song by Bartok

Ethan Louie
     Minuet I BWV 825 by Bach

Jocelyn Louie
     Sonatina Op. 36, No. 1 by Clementi

Asami Harte
     Human by Perri


Actual performance order:

Ethan, Leo, Asami, Aspen, David, Jocelyn, Madisyn, Vanita, Sahana, Willow, Vijaya, Mila, Elle, Daniella