Thursday, March 20, 2014

Studio Info Spring 2014

Spring break is the week of April 14. There will still be four lessons in the April set. There are nine weeks in April and May.

Get ready for the spring recital on April 26 at 5:00 pm. Make your song commitment at next week's lesson.

Plan to dress in nice concert clothes for performing, video and pictures. For young men: slacks and button-down shirt. For young ladies: clothes nicer than you would wear to school. No jeans, denim, T-shirts, flip-flops, sweats, etc.

Spring evaluations for Music Development Program are coming up in May and June. After this testing session, I will no longer be accompanying voice students above level 7 at the evaluations. I believe singers will grow more learning to work with an accompanist.
Also, tutoring for the academic tests will be at an hourly rate.

Thank you for following the studio policies.

1. Tuition is due first week of the monthly set.
2. Make-up lessons are only for illness of the student.
3. Request lesson reschedule 24 hrs. in advance or forfeit.
4. No refunds.
5. Please do not ask me to make-up lessons for these reasons:
  • 1. Stuck in traffic.
  • 2. Forgot.
  • 3. Medical appointment ran late.
  • 4. Sports or other activities ran late.
  • 5. The line at the store was slow.
  • 6. Car broke down or ran out of gas.
If the student has had a fever a day before the lesson, please reschedule. If the parent has had a fever, please stay in the car. Students performing in shows should not be exposed to more germs.
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