Saturday, July 26, 2014

Voice Crossing 2014

Voice Crossers!
Excited for another year?
This year we have three musicians joining us on drums, bass & guitar.
Can you believe this is our SIXTH concert?

By now, four weeks pre-performance, all your WORDS should be memorized. Nothing decreases your performance delivery like straining to recall the lyrics. Nerves are the worst when you worry about words. Before you go to sleep tonight, make sure all your words are planted into your memory bank!

Saturday, August 23.
12:00 Rehearsal and Set-up. Expect to hang around for 40 minutes or so. I'll assign you a time to arrive.
4:30 Bring all food. Every family, bring a main dish and a side dish. Set-up cameras.
4:45 Begin serving food.
5:00 Performance starts ON TIME.

Please invite friends and family. Ask them to arrive early and remain for the entire show.

I need one parent to be "in charge" of set-up while I rehearse. Send me an email.

Can someone send me pictures of the ending group shots of any previous Voice Crossings? I only have video.

The first lesson of August, we will time your set and calculate your payment to the musicians. Let's treat them well so they'll come back.

Summer Vacation 2014

The studio is on holiday July 28 - August 1.
Remember to practice only on the days you eat.

In August, the studio will be changing the 3 teaching days to Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Bookmark the calendar link so you can view the schedule to make requests for reschedules. I have your emails set to allow viewing. If your Google ID is a different email, send that to me and I'll add that to the permissions. You can also add me to Google+.
Once you log in, go to calendar and "add other calendar" and find +SingersHeartStudio.